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So, I took some time today to ponder ways of allowing TBody elements to be scrollable, and came up with a solution in jQuery, that is compatible with pretty much any browser that supports jQuery. One of the biggest desires for DOM developers using tables, is to have a scrollable tbody, to allow table headers to be visible no matter where in the table you scroll to…

The idea I had was, getting widths of columns, saving this data into an array, and then passing back this data as css widths onload and then moving the header row to a separate table.

After some messing around, I was able to come up with a solution to the issue, and am proud to offer a working example!


Although it does add an additional table to the page, at the end of the day, I’m okay with a greater interaction for the user, over a few lines of code…


I work as a .NET developer for JensonUSA bicycles in Riverside California. I currently have just completed my first large development project (a entire receiving management system that handles receiving, cart allocation, put-away, and tracking along the way, on handheld devices), and am working on several other projects currently.

I also am a full time student, at Kaplan University, finishing up my Software Development Degree, and partial owner of a new Social Network startup, that hopes to launch in about a year.

I hope to use this blog to log tips, tricks, suggestions and perspectives along the development process.

Current technologies used:



ASP.NET Webforms

WPF Services

Windows Azure

SQL Server