When a developer goes to produce a product, there are always issues that need to be resolved, testing that needs to take place, and a lot that goes into a project. Game development is a tough industry, so much resting on an individual ‘liking’ a product, and willing to put time into it. Just like any other entertainment, the more people love it, the more it will make. Star Wars, in itself, wasn’t much, but with a huge fan following, it became one of the most epic industry changers, even when technology was so young. What movie has proven the same type of fan following today, with the same fan base? Not many. The only one that truly comes to my mind is Lord of the Rings… but I don’t see an aisle of LOTR toys at my local toy store.

Anyways, my main reason for writing this article up was to discuss game wait times, expectations, and the like. There has been an epic wait for some games… Duke Nukem, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and many more, but those are the one’s I have been waiting for. Starcraft 2 released late last year (July, 2010) and although I was initially interested in the game, I quickly lost interest for many reasons. The story truly didn’t meet my expectations.

The first Starcraft & Broodwar contained tons of single player levels. Multiplayer seemed to be more hashed together than previously, leaving me desiring the older experience of simple gameplay. The sad thing is, after all the time waiting for Starcraft 2, the disappointment that set in. Starcraft 2 has already dropped 10-20 dollars in list price, and I have this bad feeling it will drop from the shelves before Starcraft 1 & Broodwar. I’m sure blizzard will then create a battle chest and drop SC2 in it, just to get rid of the game.

The most disappointing thing about this, is I am currently also holding my breath for Diablo 3, also made by Blizzard. The longer we wait as a community, the more we will expect from the game. As a developer, I understand the need for polishing a product, but polishing too long can create enormous wait times (as we have seen) and unrealistic expectations.

Hopefully Blizzard can get back to what it once was (before EA purchased it), and create a great, fun experience for gamers, without unrealistic wait times.

With that, I’m happy to present a great video about the release of Duke Nukem.